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Step into the world of the easiest 5 minute transformation- rug upgrades! And what better way to make that move than with the trendiest rugs from the convenience of our favorite online marketplace, Amazon. In this blog post, we're exploring our top on-trend affordable rug picks available on Amazon, helping you transform your living space into a haven of contemporary chic. 

Let’s first discuss knowing whether or not to splurge or save on rugs for your home. We used to be team splurge- wanting cushiony, luxurious weaves under our feet elevating the look and feel of our home. We chose gorgeous neutrals from RH and Pottery Barn when we purchased our first home and we still have 3 of those gorgeous rugs 8 years later, but they are complete with stains and holes that are unsightly to say the least. If you have either 2 legged or 4 legged littles in your home, we recommend our new approach of finding affordable yet stylish rugs that won’t cause tears and financial stress if they need to be replaced. The trick is to pair them with a plush thick rug pad to level up the feel of the rug underfoot. 

We will start with rugs for a traditional yet timeless vibe. Our first pick would blend seamlessly in a traditional or transitional style home that has warm toned decor. This pick comes from a popular, US based company and will not shed. It’s ¼” thick. 

We love this in either a living room or a bedroom, as shown below. 

The same rug comes in a Denim/Pebble color combo that I love for more of a bold statement. In a room of light earthy tones, this would bring the warm and pop needed for an elegant and inviting feel. Try it in a living room, dining room, or even as a bathroom or kitchen runner. 

For the price of this traditional leaning rug, you can have a stunning cream colored focal point of any room while not stressing about spills or damage. It comes in a wide range of sizes from doormat size, all the way to 11’x15’ and includes round and square options. Thickness is just under ½”. 

Does your home have more of a modern feel? We can see this rug pairing equally well with either warm or cool tones. With a thickness of .13”, it's thin. It’s elegant yet casual. While we feel this could be used in any room, we would love to see it in a moody study.

This rug is one of the pricier picks on our list, and the largest size it comes in is 8’x10’, but we feel this is a must for a modern option. This rug is machine washable, but also a medium pile, so it’s a half inch thick.  The subtle pattern provides just enough detail to accent modern style decor. It comes in a beautiful neutral cream and an elegant medium to dark toned green. We can see the green being the perfect finishing touch for a bedroom or dining room rug and the cream colored option blending seamlessly with a modern living room. This rug is an all around winner.

We’ve been seeing geometric patterned rugs in recent years that effortlessly balance boldness and sophistication. These rugs serve as focal points, adding a dynamic flair to any room.

We love both the price point and the true neutral tones of this geometric pick. There are a decent range of sizes and most importantly, it’s machine washable!!!

For a warm-toned geometric option with boho vibes, we love this pick which is also machine washable. It’s 9’x12’ size is under $200. It’s also stain resistant and many of the reviews mention how great it is for pet accidents. 

We’ve always felt drawn to the look of jute rugs, and had one in the past. Jute rugs can serve as a timeless quiet anchor to a room and serve modern decor equally as well as traditional or transitional. The feel of a jute rug is not for everyone, so if you are considering, make sure to check one out in person before buying, or purchase a returnable option. Jute rugs are very durable, and many are also reversible, which is great if you are worried about staining. Jute rugs can shed, but we’ve been mindful to pick out some shed resistant options below. 

Our first jute pick comes in both an off-white/cream color and a more natural option with a wide range of sizes, including 3 round options.

If you love the look but not the feel or shedding of jute rugs, we may have found you a winner. This option is cotton with a rubber backing and is machine washable, but looks really similar to a jute rug. It comes in several colors, that range from light neutrals to black or checkerboard styles that could work well as a runner or door mat. 

As we wrap up our rug exploration, we will conclude with how to make your new affordable Amazon rug look and feel more expensive.

As mentioned at the start, a thick rug pad is key. Look for ½” or thicker, like this ½” thick option that comes in over 40 different sizes and is made in the US. 

If you have a bit more wiggle room in your budget, this memory foam style pad is dreamy to feel underfoot as you make your way through your home.

You may have seen this handy little tool online before, as it’s popularity has given it over 67,000 reviews on Amazon averaging over 4.5 stars. We’ve personally used it on a variety of child, pet, and adult created messes over the last few years and it has gotten out at least 75% of stains in our house. It’s a must have to keep your rugs in great shape if you don’t want to replace it after a big incident. 

It's clear that Amazon is a treasure trove of on-trend options to elevate your living space. Ready to transform your home and you’ve made your choices? A portable yet powerful steamer such as this will be your best friend for getting those initial creases out. 

With the right rug, your home becomes not just a living space but a canvas for self-expression. Happy rug hunting!


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