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We are diving into a fun and simple project that can transform the feel of a piece of furniture, and ultimately transform the feel of an entire room. I recently breathed new life into my dresser with a 10 minute transformation for under $20– giving it a much needed update. Let’s get into the transformative power of hardware updates!

My dresser has always been a bit blah to me. We closed on our house in April of 2018, FULLY renovated it in a whirlwind 6 weeks, furnished it, and moved in 3 weeks before my due date with my oldest. Needless to say, some of the decisions were rushed- my dresser being one of them. I chose it more so for the size and storage capabilities than for the style. I’m almost 6 years in with this thing and 3 of the hardware pieces were completely broken off. As you can see it wasn't offensive, just not exciting, on trend, or my style. Time for an update! 

While writing our recent blog post all about cabinet hardware, I came across some super fun textured knobs as a budget friendly alternative to these fabulous Belwith Keeler knobs I used in a recent laundry room. I loved how they looked in a matte black finish and wanted to give them a true trial if I planned to recommend them. My existing dresser hardware was single hole, so I needed to go with another single hole pick to make it truly quick and easy. The new hardware comes in a 10 pack or a 30 pack. At the time that I purchased in January of 2024, the 10 pack was $19.99. At the time of publication, it is $22.50. It’s available in 6 different finishes and can work beautifully in both modern and transitional applications. 

The hardware arrived with two different screw options, 1” and 1.5”, which I loved! I haven't seen that too frequently, and especially with such a low cost find. Once I removed the old hardware off my dresser, I had the new knobs on within 5 minutes for 8 drawers. I used a simple phillips head screwdriver- no drill needed. 

I cannot believe I waited so long to update my dresser hardware, so if you are holding off, take this as a sign to just get it done! I love the new look and I feel like my whole bedroom looks more up to date. The new knobs are sturdy, weighty, and easily pull open my heavy overstuffed drawers. 

Here are a few other picks I came across that would be perfect for a furniture update. Click each photo for a link to Amazon showing different color and size options.

Handles and knobs are like the jewelry of your furniture – they can make or break the whole look. Keep this in mind when shopping for new furniture for your home. If you love the bones of the furniture but the hardware isn't doing it for you, buy it! It can be very cost effective and easy to make a switch to make a piece a perfect fit for your space and vibe. For a modern upgrade, think sleek lines, minimalist designs, matte black, acrylic, or painted options. For more traditional, think brushed or polished nickel, gold tones, and feminine details. For transitional, you can make any finish work- the world is your oyster. 

It’s so satisfying to give new life to a piece of furniture you weren’t loving. But why stop there? This hardware update trick works wonders on all sorts of furniture – from desks to nightstands and your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. So go ahead, unleash your inner DIY guru and get ready to modernize your entire home, one piece of hardware at a time. Looking for more inspo on different hardware pieces to choose? Check out two of our other hardware posts with tons of links to a variety of unique yet on trend picks at all price points.

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