Valentine's Day Decor for Any Budget



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It seems that each year, more and more people are decorating their homes for more holidays and earlier! We are all for it, and especially for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are setting a romantic mood, creating core memories for your children, or hosting a Galentine’s Day party, Valentine’s Day decor can be fun, inexpensive, and easy to add to existing decor to allow you to do as much or as little as fits your budget and time schedule. We’ve pulled together a list of well reviewed, inexpensive options from Amazon for you to pick and choose in order to go all out, pick one or two items, or anywhere in between. Check out our picks below to brighten up your home for love month. 

Last Minute Easy

If you are reading this just a couple days before Valentine’s and you are unexpectedly having guests over or want to add some Valentine’s fun for your family, fun disposable serving ware is the way to go! The best part, if it is last minute and just for a few people, you’ll have plenty left over for future years. If you’re shopping ahead of time, you can also use it daily for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day or be stocked up for a party.

The shape of these cups make them super easy to hold, even for kids! 16 oz is our preferred size as well.

These cocktail picks can be used as intended, or as a main utensil for kids. They’ll love having something new to use for their meal and may even try a new food! The pack of 100 for under $5 is such a great deal, and can last for several years if you aren’t having a large party.

With options in both red and pink, these placemats will brighten your table and bring the Valentine’s spirit to your meals. They come in a pack of 4 and have options for matching table runners as well.


Outdoor and Door Decor 

Starting with outdoors, we adore these solar powered LED heart lights. They come in a 6 pack and are wired together including the solar pad. You can place the 6 up to 8 feet apart. If you are looking to cover a small area, they’re perfect. You’ll need more packs if you are wanting to cover your entire pathway or multiple flower beds. They are not very bright, and in our opinion, a subtle glow is perfect for a small Valentine’s Day touch to your front yard.

This "love" yard sign would be a precious backdrop for photos of kids or pets. We like how each letter can be individually placed. You can space them close together for smaller spaces or vice versa. Place them on a diagonal or zig zag for a different look.

A heart shaped door sign will put a smile on anyone’s face. We feel this could easily work either on a front door or to hang on a child’s bedroom door.

Tabletop and Accent Decor


This set is a great all in one piece that we love if you are just wanting to pick one or two pieces to bring some Valentine’s Day spirit into your home. Use it on an entry table, a fireplace mantel, open shelving, kitchen island, dining room table, or on a bedroom dresser. So versatile! 

We’ve chosen this piece to sit on our kitchen windowsill and we have been loving seeing it while washing dishes. It also works well on a mantel or shelving!


Perfect for incorporating into a food display- whether for a romantic dinner for 2, a dessert party for kids, or a Galentine’s Day party- these hearts are a great accent piece. At only approximately 3”x3”, they can fit in easily. They come in a pack of 6 for under $10.


If you are looking for something a little larger, these wooden hearts are approximately 5” x 5” and come in a pack of 3. We also recommend putting these in a guest or child’s bathroom for a fun touch. You can place them on the countertop, open shelving, or in countertop trays.


For any holiday, we have multiple glass vases on hand to fill with decor pieces. We love the following vases for Halloween or Easter candy used as decor, Hanukkah dreidels and gelt, Christmas cookies or red and green pom poms, and the Valentine’s poms and hearts below. Mix and match different styles and sizes and place in the center of your dining room or breakfast table for effortless decor that looks unique and fun. Each photo is linked below.


Now for the fillers! 

Grab 600 pom poms for under $12 to fill several vases.


These acrylic hearts are a perfect vase filler, or scatter them around a food display or on the dining table. 60 hearts for just $6.99!


Wall Decor

If you are looking to throw a little bit of Valentine’s love in multiple areas, we’ve got you covered! For under $10, you’ll get 4 garlands that are 10’ long each. You could cover a fireplace, dining room, and 2 kids bedrooms with this pack. The felt hearts are in vibrant colors. We love the value of this one! You can also stack them on a wall, a mantel, or crisscross on a ceiling. We used one in our breakfast room, one in the playroom, and 2 in the hallway leading to the kids' rooms.


Set romantic mood lighting or give a fun vibe to any room with a neon sign. This is battery operated (sold separately) and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf or leaned on other decor. At about 11”x5”, it will give a subtle glow and can work in a variety of settings.


If a simple heart is more your vibe, this neon heart is battery or USB powered. It comes with hooks for easy wall mounting.


Whether you are reading this the day before Valentine’s and you just grab some fun heart shaped cups, or if you are ahead of the game and planning to go all out, we hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love most importantly for yourself and for your family and friends.


Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we can lead you through the process with your needs and goals as our main priority. Let us be your most valuable resource.

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