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Welcome to the colorful realm of front door transformations, one of the easiest DIY projects with huge impact! Your front door is more than just an entry point; it's a canvas waiting to burst with personality. So, let's ditch the dull and dive into a palette of possibilities.

Painting a front door is often the first project I suggest for renovating, increasing resale value before listing, or to make a new construction house feel like home. It’s something you can complete yourself in a day, and the cost is minimal. Even better, if the color doesn’t end up as you were expecting, it’s easy and fairly inexpensive to repaint it. We always recommend sampling first, and if buying sample cans, brushes, and painting samples sounds like a pain to you, we agree! There's a better way.  Check out our method for sampling- with overnight delivery! We love using these oversized peel and stick samples to truly evaluate color. All the major brands are available, and I always get inspiration for new color choices when I'm on their site. At the time of publication, they're offering a great deal where you can get 2 of your samples for free if you buy 8. So go ahead and go wild with options to try out!

Before we go any further, if your home is part of an HOA (homeowner’s association), please check your HOA documents, often called CC&Rs for any color requirements, rules, or if there is an approval process for changing your door color. If you are unfortunately limited by HOA rules, don’t despair! Painting the inside of your front door is also so impactful and can change up the entire feel of your home from the inside.

In our opinion, the style of your home shouldn’t limit your color choices. We’ve seen plenty of homes with styles ranging from traditional to contemporary to modern farmhouse to victorian with beautiful curb appeal due to a vibrant or bold front door color choice. Pick an option that speaks to you and that will literally bring a smile to your face when you see it. 

Let’s run through some options:

Shades of Blue

Blue often evokes a calm and relaxed vibe. SW 6226 Languid Blue is about as neutral of a blue you can get if you are concerned about the color clashing with your decor. Languid Blue can work well with both warm and cool toned decor.  


For those who dare to be different, consider a deep, mysterious midnight blue like SW 9150 Endless Sea or SW 6244 Naval. It's like your home is keeping secrets, and entering is an invitation to discover them. Plus, it's a fantastic backdrop for vibrant seasonal wreaths.



Dark and Dramatic

This contemporary home has SW 7675 Sealskin painted on the front door. Notice how it becomes a focal point and decor piece from the inside against the white walls. It provides warmth and feels sophisticated. For a unique and updated look, try Sealskin with gold door hardware, lighting, house numbers, and mailbox. 

Earth Tones

Earth tones have been steadily making a comeback for the last few years and we are here for it. Earth tones are a subtle nod to the outdoors and can seamlessly blend with various architectural styles. Imagine your door as a gateway to your own natural sanctuary. We love a strong yet neutral earthy green door, like SW 7730 Forestwood. Strong neutral greens look stunning against ultra dark exteriors and white exteriors alike. They also work perfectly with any finish of hardware. 

We also recommend an earthy taupe like SW 7045 Intellectual Gray. This stark colored house is grounded with a front door painted Intellectual Gray. It pops against the white house and looks so inviting. From the inside, it’s the perfect complement to a neutral and soft color palette.

Timeless Blacks

Now check out an almost identical house with a bold black painted on the inside of the door. The same soft and neutral interior palette takes on a different vibe. 

Black is timeless. It’s the little black dress of home decor. Notice how the change from a typical stained door to a solid black door modernized this elevation. Using a black door also gives you flexibility in your outdoor decor and landscaping. It’s a bold but elegant choice against light house exteriors and looks beautiful when paired with black windows and/or shutters.


Try SW 6258 Tricorn Black for a true black or SW 7069 Iron Ore for a softened black.


Daring Reds

You've heard it before, but it's a classic for a reason. A bold red front door screams confidence and welcomes guests with a warm embrace. It's the exclamation mark your home deserves. Plus, rumor has it that red doors bring good luck. Sign us up!

Try SW 6871 Positive Red or SW 9695 Beetroot for full on confident red or SW 7591 Red Barn if you’re looking for more of a muted look.


Elegant Stains

While this article focuses on painted doors, we do want to touch on stained doors for a moment. Stains require sampling, and cannot be redone with the same simplicity as paint. Bring photos showing the desired color to your local Sherwin Williams store along with the type of wood of the door you will be staining. You can typically get a small piece of different types of wood from your local hardware store. Every type of wood will stain differently. The same stain color on oak and mahogany will look like entirely different colors.

A modern style stained door can be transformative for the look of a house. A stained door exudes elegance and will always be in style. 

While some people may be tired of the Modern Farmhouse trend, we are still seeing it requested frequently. One of our tips for making a Modern Farmhouse exterior feel more unique is with a modern stained door. 

Remember, your front door is the prelude to the story that unfolds inside your home. So, let your imagination run wild, and let your front door be the opening chapter of a stylish and welcoming tale. Cheers to taking on a project that’s easy to fix if it doesn’t turn out right! 



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