Pour, Sip, Relax: Crafting Your Own Whiskey Lounge at Home



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If you have clicked to read this article, I’m assuming you appreciate a good whiskey or you’ve been seeing beautiful whiskey bars and lounges all over your social media feed recently. Maybe you’ve got the space and budget to go all out or maybe you’re working with a tight budget and a lack of space. Either way, our guide has you covered. We’ve got options for even just a corner of a room and a few hundred dollars. Intrigued? Well, grab a glass and let's dive into the wonderful world of creating your own at-home whiskey lounge.

Location, Location, Location: First things first, you need to pick the perfect spot for your whiskey oasis. Whether it's a spare room, a corner of your living area, or even a cozy nook under the stairs (Harry Potter vibes, anyone?), choose a space that feels inviting and conducive to relaxation.

If there’s nowhere in your home popping out at you, take a closer look at your living or dining room. Can the furniture be shifted just slightly to clear out 3 feet in the corner for a bar cart we can transform? Do you have a few feet behind your sofa for a sideboard bar? We’ve got you covered with a few versatile bar cart options below for even just two feet of space. Adding a perfectly curated bar cart to your living or dining room can make the room ready to transform into your whiskey lounge at any moment.

While this bar cart appears to be more geared towards wine with bottle and stemware holders, it can absolutely work for a whiskey bar. Short stemmed whiskey glasses have been very on trend and would look stunning here. Many whiskey bottles have the same profile as a wine bottle and would fit seamlessly. The style of this cart is simple and elegant. It can work with a variety of décor styles and also comes in white and black. Perfect for small spaces, you only need 24" of width and 13" of depth.

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For a rustic yet industrial vibe, our second option is slightly larger. It requires 28" of width and 16" of depth. We can see this bar cart looking equally as elegant in a contemporary style home or a light and bright modern farmhouse. 

Moving up another size, this bar cart comes in 3 different finishes and sits at 33" wide and 16" deep. We love the unique shape and custom feel to it. Short stemmed whiskey glasses would be gorgeous hanging here as well.

Now if you are wanting and able to dedicate more space to your whiskey lounge, consider a guest bedroom or study. Do these rooms fully get used? If not, maybe ditch your current setup and create your whiskey lounge there. There are beautiful inspiration photos out there for whiskey lounge/office combos.  A guest bedroom can absolutely become a whiskey lounge but still have the capability to be a comfortable haven for guests when needed. Add a sofa bed or futon for the odd occasion you may have people staying over. See the options below that are definitely not the sofa beds of the past. These would blend in with the vibes of a whiskey lounge and are still rated as being ultra comfortable for guests.

Hellooooo blue velvet! With a pull out trundle, you have the capability of two twin beds with this sofa. It comes in 6 different colors, from a dusty pink to a dark charcoal. It's elegant and chic with almost 3,000 reviews averaging over 4.3 stars.

We love this mid century modern style futon so much, we may need to find a home for it in our house. 11 color options range from white to black and brights in between, even a dreamy camel faux leather. The tapered wood legs are the perfect finishing touch.

Can you believe that this white boucle sectional has built in storage and converts to a bed that is essentially queen sized? Even better, it's under $400! It has 4 different color options and is an Amazon best seller.

Your guests may never want to leave after sleeping on this dreamy memory foam faux leather futon. Reviewers love how easy it is to assemble and clean.


Set the Mood: Now that you hopefully have your location and logistics nailed down, onto the ambiance. Think dim lighting, plush seating, and perhaps some moody jazz tunes in the background on a record player. Consider adding some personal touches like framed whiskey-themed art or vintage barware to really set the scene. 

Check out these neutral colored pieces of art if you are wanting something on theme. 








Or if you are more into abstract art, these elegant pieces would accent a whiskey lounge perfectly.




Most whiskey lounges or bars have a dark and moody theme, so if that’s the vibe you are going for, check out our dark paint color post here. We have an expert hack from taking a dark paint color from cheesy to elegant in every application. If light and bright is more your style, we’ve got you covered with neutral ideas here. We love these easy DIY dimmer switches to help you set your lighting just right. They come in multiple color options, which is perfect if your space is painted an accent color. The paint color of the room or space is crucial for setting the mood. It's amazing how quickly a space can be transformed with a simple light fixture. We've pulled together a few below for a variety of styles and sizes of whiskey lounges. Think wall sconces on either side or above of a bar or bar cart or a hanging fixture setting the mood above cozy seating. The majority of the fixtures below come in multiple finishes. Many come in different sizes, and several are well under $200!








Stock Up: No whiskey lounge is complete without a well-stocked bar. Start by curating a selection of your favorite bottles, covering a range of styles and flavor profiles. You don’t have to break the bank when stocking up. Some of my favorite lower cost whiskeys and bourbons include Basil Haydens, Woodford Reserve, Bulleit, and Jim Beam. You can also shop for interesting looking bottles that will be a statement piece in your space. You’ll want to keep your bar stocked, so if you end up not loving the taste- it’s there for permanent decoration. Once you finish a bottle, no need to toss it if it’s not in the budget to keep a fully stocked bar at all times. Fill it with water and food coloring to look like whiskey. Just remember which one is which before offering to guests!

Don't forget to include some essential glassware – proper whiskey glasses can really enhance the experience for you and your guests. We love these well priced and highly rated options:


Accessorize: Get creative with your décor! From barrel-inspired side tables like this simple black set that comes in 9 colors or this copper beauty also available in a dark bronze or a more budget friendly pick to rustic shelving for your collection or an industrial style shelving unit for larger spaces, the possibilities are endless. Consider adding some leather accent chairs or even a cozy area rug to tie it all together. With the rug, you can go retro and comfy or more modern and sleek.





Personalize It: This is your space, so don't be afraid to make it your own. Display any whiskey-related memorabilia you've collected over the years, whether it's vintage decanters, shot glasses, or quirky whiskey-themed knick-knacks.

Invite Friends (or Don't): Lastly, decide whether you want your whiskey lounge to be a social hub for entertaining guests or a private sanctuary just for you. Either way, it's all about creating a space where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the finer things in life.

So there you have it – the recipe for crafting your very own at-home whiskey lounge. Whether you're a seasoned whiskey connoisseur or just dipping your toe into the world of spirits, creating a dedicated space for savoring your favorite drams is sure to elevate your imbibing experience. Cheers to that!



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